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Conventional teleconferencing and telepresence applications use traditional encoding/decoding and streaming technologies to send and receive video, audio and control data between peers. Moreover, they do not provide guaranteed delivery, synchronized media streams over the internet, adjustable adaptive streaming capabilities or complete communication solutions.

avatar core®︎ can deliver high-quality video streams over the internet even in low light conditions and bright outdoor environments by utilizing high dynamic range cameras. The cameras can be adjusted individually according to the application and the streaming resolution can be modified according to the available network bandwidth. We have proven stable streaming capabilities under various non-laboratory conditions around Japan, including public facilities like aquariums and museums.

avatar core®︎ addresses many key deployment challenges such as over-the-air updates, real-time monitoring & alerting, remote debugging and full logging and traceability. These features are particularly important when managing a large fleet of robots deployed across multiple locations having on-demand services. Installing avatar core®︎ and integrating it with the control algorithm of your telerobotic application makes large scale deployment and remote management easy.

ARTC Service

ARTC (Avatar Real-Time Communication) Service is a streaming service that combines the best elements of video streaming platforms with teleconferencing tools. It aims to provide real-time communication capabilities comparable to or better than popular teleconferencing systems while also enabling the distribution of content real-time to a large audience.

The uniqueness of ARTC lies in its proprietary protocol, which leverages cloud computing to offload the streaming broadcasting capabilities. By utilizing cloud computing, ARTC can dynamically scale its infrastructure to support any number of users. This self-expandable cloud infrastructure allows for automatic scaling, ensuring that the service can handle the demands of a growing audience without sacrificing performance or stability.

ARTC also comes with a three-tier security model, where all incoming and outgoing data is encrypted end-to-end with a hierarchical scheme. This ensures the data transmitted over the internet is safe. Therefore, personal information such as facial recognition data, names and addresses can be securely transmitted between peers. The data is also timestamped before it is sent, allowing the data to be processed online or offline via our data framework which is under development.


Robotics & realtime media communication frameworks are often dedicated to specific applications. Such frameworks use a heavy development stack and do not always support real-time video streaming capabilities over the internet. CoreSDK is developed as a middleware for avatar applications to capture and transmit high volumetric media data without compromising compute resources.

CoreSDK also allows you to develop applications that can run as a single process or multiple processes in the same machine. Each application can focus on performing specific logic or tasks and can be developed using different programming languages. These applications will store such information in a shared resource inside the memory, which other applications can then access via the shared memory.

CoreSDK supports Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and arm64 platforms for greater development flexibility and its base is developed in C++ for optimized performance. To communicate between CoreSDK developed applications or plugins, three communication methods are available. They are Publisher/Subscriber Messaging, Shared Resources and Cloud Streaming. Publisher/Subscriber Messaging is used for communicating within the same machine and is mainly intended for sending notifications or control signals between various components or processes. Shared Resources are used for sharing data (images, audio, buffers) within the same machine. Resources provide excellent performance with zero-latency copy capabilities between local apps and services. Cloud Streaming can be used to stream data from one machine to another and provides optimal streaming options over the internet.

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