Working at avatarin

We at avatarin value the skills and potential of every individual and place great importance on creating a workplace that supports the diverse needs of our people. Here, we would like to introduce our approach to work style, employee benefits, communication, and the office environment.

Work Style


At avatarin, we offer a flextime system that allows you to flexibly decide your daily start and end times. There is no core time, except for once a week when company-wide meetings are planned.


All team members can work remotely up to two days a week. We also have an extended four-day telework policy which team members can apply for on a quarterly basis.


Business + leisure travel (bleisure) can be combined to allow employees to take full advantage of business travel.

Performance Reviews

We believe in helping our team members grow and succeed. Performance reviews are held twice a year with follow-up meetings every three months.


Family Leave

We provide a supportive environment and assistance for team members who would like to take maternity, paternity, childcare, and nursing care leave.

Special Leave

In addition to our family leave policy, we also provide special leave support for life events including marriage and bereavement.

Housing Allowance

We provide a housing allowance to team members who live within a 5 km radius of the company office.

Learning Program

We subsidize the cost of learning expenses for self-improvement to help our people learn new skills and advance their career.

Team Recreation Program

We believe in the power of teamwork. Therefore, we subsidize support for recreational activities aimed at team building within the company.


We hold various events throughout the year to facilitate communication and collaboration within our team.

Welcome Session

We hold an introductory session for all new members to get to know them better and welcome them to the team.

Weekly Meeting

We hold a weekly all-hands meeting to share important information and sync up with everyone in the company. At the weekly meetings, we also do a thank you relay, share a weekly word from our CEO, and celebrate team members’ birthdays at the end of each month.

Talk Session

Once a month, we invite advisors, partners and other experts to share their knowledge and experience with the team.

Offsite Meeting

Once or twice a year, all employees gather for team building and company-wide workshops.

Mingle Lunch

Once a month, lunch is on us! We believe this is an important opportunity to meet others within the company and strengthen internal communication.

12 Be’s Awards

At the end of each year, we hold the "12 Be's Awards" to recognize team members who best represented each of the 12 Be’s during that year. The winners are selected through a company-wide vote.

Japanese Language & Culture Lessons

To promote internal communication and to help break-down language barriers, we provide an opportunity for team members to learn Japanese at the office.

Office Environment

avatarin is located in the Nihonbashi area in the heart of Tokyo. Nihonbashi is famous for its history and tradition as well as its modern shopping and dining.

  • Start every day with the 12 Be’s

  • Take a break and enjoy a cup of coffee on us

  • Borrow a book from the CEO's personal library

  • Meet with others in-person or remotely

  • Demo the newme at the newme Training Center

  • Check-out our newme-themed wallpaper

  • Relax or collaborate in the newme PARK

  • See the latest developments up-close in our office lab

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