North star

Expand humanity’s potential
by offering new abilities through avatars.

We aim to create a world in which everyone can utilize the capability of avatars to limitlessly expand their access to new
experiences, knowledge, and resources.


Open the door to a future where global mobility is
democratized and anyone can be anywhere, anytime,

Our unique avatar technology helps the world transcend distance, time, and physical limitations to transport human presence and necessary skills to where they are needed, when they are needed. This new form of mobility will help us create a future in which everyone can equally participate in society. And by making this a shared capability, we will be able to accelerate the positive impact we can collaboratively create in the world.

By making various avatars robots and avatar-enabled mobility services easily accessible from a PC or smartphone, everyone will be able to instantly transport and enhance their capabilities to deliver necessary skills to where they're needed most. We believe that this will be a breakthrough in enabling the world to find the necessary solutions to the challenges of our time.

Our Solution: Advanced Real-World Avatar Technology

We have developed the avatar core® solution as a key enabler to realize our vision of empowering individuals and solving social challenges. By combining custom hardware, software, cloud, and AI tools, the avatar core® can enable any robot or mobility solution to bilaterally transmit high-volume video, audio, and control data via the cloud with ultra-low latency. Our goal is to utilize this solution for sustainably transporting human skills and augmenting our capabilities with AI to open doors to exciting new possibilities for humanity.

newme, powered-by avatar core.

newme is an avatar robot that can be remotely operated to explore and communicate in another location. newme was developed for operation in public spaces and provides a sense of presence and immersion that goes beyond traditional web conferencing. newme has been deployed in aquariums, museums and other public facilities within Japan since 2021, and we plan to expand our service to new areas like education, tourism, and healthcare.

avatar core powers the newme robot and is a module that will be available for integration into robots, autonomous vehicles, drones, and other mobile systems in the future. The avatar core® combines proprietary hardware, software, cloud services, and AI tools to enable the transmission of high-volume, bilateral data via the cloud with ultra-low latency and opportunities for a wide range of new AI applications.

While most robotics and AI technologies aim to replace human effort and skills, avatarin is focused on enhancing human capabilities and improving the value of human experiences. We aim to create a global platform where anyone can instantly teleport to exciting new destinations through avatars. Where would you like to go with your avatar?

Other Initiatives

avatarin Inc. aims to create a world where anyone can sustainably transport themselves to any location, anytime. We are dedicated to building this next generation mobility infrastructure by advancing research and development of robotic avatar technologies through collaborations with stakeholders from industry, government, and academia.


The ANA AVATAR XPRIZE was a four-year competition sponsored by Japan’s largest airline, ANA. The competition focused on incentivizing the development of advanced robotic avatars to enable the real-time transmission of human senses, actions, and presence to remote locations.
avatarin's co-founders Akira Fukabori and Kevin Kajitani were directly involved in the launch of the ANA AVATAR XPRIZE and served as the main representatives of ANA from the early stages of prize development. The competition, which was run by the XPRIZE Foundation, has helped to spark a global robotic avatar movement. avatarin Inc. continues to work with the XPRIZE Foundation to further advance the impact of this competition.

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Moonshot Research and
Development Program

The “Moonshot Research and Development Program” is a national initiative led by Japan’s Cabinet Office. The program aims to address critical social challenges (Moonshot Goals) through the support and advancement of research and development.
avatarin Inc. is currently participating in research under Moonshot Goal 1 (Realization of a society in which human beings can be free from limitations of body, brain, space, and time by 2050). More specifically, avatarin Inc. is contributing to the “Cybernetic Avatar Technology and Social System Design for Harmonious Co-experience and Collective Ability” project. Our responsibilities include the development and operation of a next-generation Cybernetic Avatar Cloud platform and the creation of international standards.

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avatarin Inc. is collaborating with JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency) to explore the potential of robotic avatars in space and space-related businesses. After entering into a partnership with JAXA's space innovation program, “J-SPARC”, we successfully launched a space avatar to the “Kibo” module of the International Space Station on the "Kounotori" launch vehicle in 2020. This achievement allowed members of the general public remotely control a space avatar in real-time from a non-government facility. This was the world's first technology demonstration of its kind.
From July 2021, we began to collaborate with JAXA to explore additional opportunities for utilizing avatar technology in space-related businesses on Earth.

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