Mingle Lunch 〜Communication Lunch〜

Mingle Lunch 〜Communication Lunch〜

At avatarin, we love bringing our team together with various events throughout the year, aiming to foster communication and collaboration in all directions.

One of our favorites is the ‘Mingle Lunch,’ held monthly within our office. ‘Mingle’ in English means ‘people coming together’ or ‘chatting around,’ and this free lunch event is all about deepening connections among our team members.

What makes avatarin special is our diverse environment with talents from around the world. We believe that understanding each other beyond work relationships is important for achieving our big mission together.





●A meal and atmosphere that everyone can enjoy


We consider everyone’s preferences, including religious beliefs, allergies, and vegetarian choices, when organizing the Mingle Lunch. Following our 12Be’s guiding principles of ‘Be friendly’ and ‘Be healthy,’ we arrange meals to ensure everyone can enjoy.

To promote cultural exchange, we’ve introduced themed menus featuring dishes from Sri Lanka, Brazil, Mexico, and more.

We pay special attention to selecting menus that allow everyone to experience the unique atmosphere of our multinational and multicultural team.



●Creating opportunities for members to connect with each other


Through these efforts, many positive effects in our company.

This initiative has produced many positive effects within the company. Organizers pay attention to food quantity, menu selection, music, and seating arrangements to ensure an enjoyable experience.

The smiles and positive feedback from employees returning to work are truly motivating.


As a result, communication has become more active across departments and people from different teams talk more now.

Those who joined said things like ‘I made friends with colleagues I didn’t know before, and now I can say hi easily’ and ‘It’s easier to ask questions during work.’ This has made work better.

Also, for those who find it hard to attend evening events or are busy with parenting, joining lunch events has become an easy way to connect, bringing smiles and casual chats, something we might miss during remote meetings.


We’ll keep working to be a company where everyone feels happy and have lively day, following our slogan ‘Love and excitement, making a strong company loved by us and our customers!’

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