Offsite meeting

Offsite meeting


At avatarin, we believe in fostering strong internal communication and deepening mutual understanding and connections among employees. To achieve this, we organize a team activity called ‘Offsite Meeting’ every year, where we spend a day away from the workplace.



In 2023, we held the meeting in Tokyo Odaiba, a bayside area where everyone could feel the sea breeze and enjoy a refreshing environment away from daily work. To kick things off on a fun note, we organized a bowling tournament that encouraged interaction across departments. Teams were mixed with members of different nationalities, generations, and genders, to create cross-departmental bonding.


Our goal was to build a team spirit that transcends language and cultural barriers. High-fives for strikes! This event allowed colleagues to quickly build friendship, breaking down barriers even for those who don’t usually interact at work. The sense of unity among teams filled the air, and it was a wonderful opportunity for employees to naturally connect and interact with each other. Colleagues discovered new sides of each other, leading to positive feedback!



We started our afternoon by holding a lecture session about ‘Communication and Building Teams’. Our CEO shared insights on the company’s communication culture and showed the approach and mindset of communication that avatarin values to move forward together.


In the evening, we opened the windows and hosted a casual gathering using the meeting venue and the outdoor terrace. With a variety of menu options such as pizza, paella, and sushi, atmosphere of enjoying the meal spread throughout the entire room. With the atmosphere warming up in the venue, to demonstrate the team spirit developed throughout the day, we played an employee-suggested game called the ‘Marshmallow Challenge’. It was a fun and serious competition, embodying the One Team spirit. While building teamwork, it became a fun opportunity to get to know each other.





This full-day Offsite Meeting immediately brought a positive change to the office atmosphere the next day. Employees expressed, ‘I used to just say hello, but now I can have more engaging conversations!’ Not only with the efforts of the leadership and community management team but also with each employee actively participating, we are shaping a work-friendly environment and culture.


avatarin is committed to creating a future where humanity connects beyond all boundaries through avatar technology. We cherish individuality and the connection within the team, and we’ll continue to make a positive impact on the world.


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