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Beyond All. Connecting people limitlessly for a better world

By connecting people around the world, airlines have served as a catalyst for global relationships, business, diplomacy, and mutual understanding. However, our ability to provide this service democratically has been limited by physical infrastructure and technology. The ANA AVATAR is a new mode of instantaneous transportation that will enable humanity to connect limitlessly. Integrating multiple exponential technologies ranging from robotics to haptics, real-world avatars will allow anyone to teleport their presence, consciousness, knowledge, and skills to a remote location.
Avatars are a breakthrough in physical access that will make it possible to deliver human resources and specialized skills to where they are needed the most.

In the near future, general purpose avatars will allow all of humanity’s skills to be shared via a single avatar unit capable of serving an infinite number of roles.
ANA has already started to pioneer real world applications of this technology and will continue to accelerate and expand the scope of this initiative to physically connect the entire world. The ANA AVATAR will allow humanity to go beyond all limitations and finally break through the remaining barriers of distance, time, and culture that exist in our world to bring about an era of unprecedented physical connection, resource sharing, mutual understanding and global abundance.

Oita Test Field

AVATAR X Lab @ OITA is the world’s first dedicated space Avatar test field and will be located in the southern Japanese prefecture of Oita. In collaboration with local authorities, telecommunication infrastructure and research facilities will be built at the site to enable field tests of space Avatars. The world’s latest technologies and greatest minds will come together at this test facility - visitors will not only be able to see but also experience the future of space for themselves.

Space Exploration

Plans are in place to remotely build a mock space facility in Oita Prefecture with strategic partners in industry, government, and academia. Avatars will be sent to this location along with 3D printers and specialized robots to test, research, and advance technologies necessary to accelerate humanity's exploration of space.


Avatar tests are planned at agricultural facilities in Oita Prefecture to evaluate the feasibility of remotely farming fruits and vegetables.


Avatar tests are planned at a port in Oita Prefecture to evaluate the feasibility of avatar-based remote-fishing.


Partnering with medical facilities in Oita Prefecture, the use cases of Avatar technology in healthcare will be evaluated. ANA believes Avatars will enable hospitalized children to continue to attend school, see their family and friends, and communicate with the outside world. Avatars will also allow doctors to diagnose and care for patients hundreds of miles away.


In collaboration with Oita Prefecture, Avatar tests are planned at schools in Oita to evaluate the feasibility of utilizing Avatars to create more interactive, real-time curricula.


Avatars have the ability to exceed the limitations of VR to enable real-time, real-world remote exploration and travel experiences. Avatar tests in the field of tourism are also planned in Oita Prefecture.

to Peace

ANA is committed to pioneering avatar technology for the sole purpose of bettering the world and promoting peace. ANA believes that helping people around the globe connect, collaborate, learn, and share with one another will advance mutual understanding and ultimately bring us closer to attaining world peace. ANA has partnered with Hiroshima prefecture, a global beacon for peace, to promote the peaceful utilization of avatars and to help shape a more positive future for all.


ANA AVATAR aims to create a world where anyone can connect with society to realize the full potential of their talents, regardless of any limitation or constraint — such as a physical disability — that otherwise may have prevented them from doing so.


For a limited time, the AVATAR café DAWN ver.β. was open for business in Tokyo. At this café, customers were served by individuals living with serve disabilities, including patients with ALS. By remotely operating Avatars, these individuals were able to work at the cafe from their homes or hospitals.

Expanding Opportunities for those living with Disabilities using Avatars

ANA will leverage Avatars to create and expand experiences and opportunities for those with disabilities to promote the creation of a new world in which all persons can take part equally in society.


Testing for ANA's newest service has begun

Simply choose what you want to do, where you want to go, the experience you want to have and AVATAR-IN.

ANA has begun testing its newest service, AVATAR-IN, to allow more people to experience the world using avatars. AVATAR-IN will make it easy for anyone to operate a real-life avatar to instantaneously transport their consciousness, presence and skills to a remote location. ANA’s AVATAR-IN service will break through the remaining barriers of distance, time, and physical constraints that exist in our world and allow everyone to see, hear, and experience whatever they want, whenever they want, from wherever they are, in real-time.

Avatar Use Cases


ANA has partnered with Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium, known for its breathtaking exhibits and educational programs, to pioneer the next-generation of museum experiences. Trials are actively taking place to test many new aquarium services using avatars. Ultimately, we envision a world where anyone, regardless of their physical condition or location, will be able to enjoy the full aquarium experience from afar.


This avatar service will allow people to remotely fish in Saiki Bay in Oita Prefecture. In partnership with fishing gear manufacturer Shimano and Re-al, a startup with real-haptic technology, we have developed an avatar prototype that synchronizes two fishing rods with pound-for-pound haptic feedback. Once deployed, this avatar will allow you to fish from the comfort of your home and the fish you catch will be sent to your doorstep directly from Oita.


In collaboration with MELTIN MMI, a startup with avatar technology, we are developing and testing an avatar diving service that will enable people to experience the beautiful underwater scenery of Saiki Bay in Oita Prefecture without leaving their home. The ANA AVATAR DIVING system will be equipped with hands that will allow you to explore the remote underwater world and also harvest fresh shellfish that will be delivered directly to your home.


In collaboration with Tokyo Haneda Airport, ANA is actively exploring ways to leverage avatars to improve the airport experience. Currently, tests are underway to evaluate the feasibility of using avatars to instantaneously scale airport services on-demand by leveraging ANA resources located at different airports throughout the world. We believe avatars will not only bring about innovations in work-style but also improve customer satisfaction by connecting customers directly with staff best suited to handle their requests.

Avatar Testing

Use cases for existing avatar technology are currently being explored with various tests already underway.


In collaboration with Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium, known for its aquatic research and breathtaking exhibits, ANA will explore the application of avatars in learning facilities like aquariums and museums.


Testing is underway at Haneda Airport to explore new ways to integrate avatars into ANA’s existing airport services and processes to improve customer satisfaction, advance universal support, and improve staff mobility.


Potential use cases for avatars in the field of education is being explored in cooperation with Kanazawa Institute of Technology, which offers a wide range of hands-on curricula for specialized technical skills.


Specialized knowledge and expertise are essential ensure safety and comfort of our flights. Avatars will be deployed to help accelerate and advance training programs by increasing the efficiency and ease of access to global training.


Testing has already begun to explore how avatars can be effectively used to greet and guide customers. Avatars will enable greater global mobility of ANA human resources while ensuring the same level of service and hospitality of on-site staff.

The cornerstone of the ANA AVATAR Vision is the $10 million ANA AVATAR XPRIZE. The ANA AVATAR XPRIZE originated from XPRIZE's six-month concept incubator program, called Visioneers, in 2016, where ANA first proposed the avatar concept . ANA received top honors at the Visioneers summit finale and the avatar concept was qualified as "ready for launch" by a group of 250 mentors including prominent corporate and political leaders, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, artists, technologists and scientists. The ANA AVATAR XPRIZE launched on March 12, 2018 and is a 4-year competition aimed at developing an advanced, general purpose avatar by accelerating the integration of multiple key exponential technologies.


AVATAR X is a collaborative effort between ANA and JAXA (Japan Space Exploration Agency), established for the advancement of space exploration and development using Avatars. Imagine a future where people from all over the world can access, enjoy and live in space through an Avatar. AVATAR X is the global initiative that will make this vision a reality.


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We believe this is necessary to create a thriving ecosystem where avatar visions can be imagined and realized to fulfill the dreams of people around the globe. Join us and become a part of history.

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