“Avatars will create new experiences by transcending the bounds of space and time.”

AI robots will eventually integrate into society, optimizing every industry and facet of our lives. In this future, I also believe people will be free from the limitations of distance and time. avatarin is the startup that will create this future and enable us to overcome societal problems within Japan like the aging population crisis and declining workforce, as well as the global challenges of socio-economic disparity and natural disasters. avatarin is a novel example of a large corporation catalyzing a start-up capable of bringing awe-inspiring innovation to life. I pledge my full support to this new venture.

鎌田 富久

Tomihisa Kamada

CEO and Founder of TomyK Ltd. / Co-founder of ACCESS Co., Ltd. Tomy earned his Doctorate degree in Computer Science from the University of Tokyo. He founded ACCESS Co., Ltd, a software venture company, while studying at the University of Tokyo and developed embedded TCP / IP communication software as well as the world‘s first web browser for mobile phones. He lead the technological innovation of the mobile Internet by proposing his compact HTML specification “Compact HTML” for mobile phones to the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium). In 2001, he took his company public on the Tokyo Stock Exchange and expanded the business globally. After his retirement in 2011, he established TomyK Ltd. to support new startup businesses including the robot venture SCHAFT (later acquired by Google). Currently, he continues to support technology startups in the fields of robotics, AI, IoT, human augmentation, space, genetics, and healthcare. He explains his entrepreneurial mindset in his book “Technology Startups Create the Future -Aim for Tech Entrepreneurs-” (University of Tokyo Press).