“avatarin will create a future where teleportation is a reality.”

avatarin is working to establish a new mobility infrastructure that will make teleportation a reality for all of humanity. To achieve this goal, we will deploy robotic avatars around the world and enable anyone to reserve and control these systems remotely by using their PC or smartphone. Avatars can leverage the strengths of both the digital and real world, and we believe their global deployment will usher in a new era of democratized mobility.

Avatars will give everyone a new and exciting way to instantaneously visit remote destinations of their choice and explore them in real-time. Not only will this advance telemedicine, communication, and remote work, but also open up a vast new channel for real-world, digital commerce by making it possible for the global online population to visit museums, stores, and other destinations geographically dispersed around the globe. This new capability will make mobility available to everyone, including those living with physical limitations and time constraints.

We at avatarin will continue to merge the digital world with the real world to create an exciting new future where everyone can connect, communicate, and collaborate with others around the world.

Akira Fukabori

Akira Fukabori

Co-Founder and CEO, avatarin Inc.
After graduating with a bachelor degree in Aeronautics and Astronautics, Akira joined ANA in 2008 where he began his career in Flight Operations. He went on to launch the marketing program “Blue Wing” which won the Global Agenda Seminar Grand Prize in 2010 and is featured in a case study at USC Marshall School of Business. In 2016, he worked with the XPRIZE Foundation to design the next global competition where he, together with Kevin Kajitani, proposed the ANA Avatar XPRIZE concept which is now an active prize. Akira co-founded avatarin Inc. with Kevin Kajitani in April 2020 and the company was selected as a Harvard Business School case study in June 2021.